To All Creditors / Clients of Re Platform Ltd (In Liquidation) (“Re Platform”)

We refer to the last update of the liquidation of Re Platform Ltd which was posted on Re Platform’s official website “” (“Re Platform Website”) on 15th September 2023 and sent by email to all known potential creditors / clients of Re Platform based on the information available (“Creditors”).

During the past 2 months, the Liquidators have received certain enquiries commonly raised by many Creditors. In the past, the Liquidators have attempted to answer the queries either by email and/or phone call. However, in light of the volume of the enquiries and the urgency to recover Re Platform’s data, records and assets, it is not efficient (if not impossible) for the Liquidators and their staff to answer the Creditors’ queries one by one.

This update summarizes the Liquidators’ answers to the queries by the Creditors and will be sent to the Creditors by email. The Liquidators will also post a notice in respect of this update on the Re Platform Website.

The Liquidators’ answers to any further queries from the Creditors will be similarly consolidated and sent to all potential Creditors by email (with a notice posted on Re Platform Website) as and when appropriate.

Status of the Liquidation

To date, the Liquidators are securing and taking control of all of Re Platform’s cryptocurrencies which are identifiable based on the information available to the Liquidators.

The Liquidators’ primary focus (at this stage of the liquidation) remains to be securing and taking control of all assets, data and records of Re Platform and establishing Re Platform’s liabilities due to the Creditors.

Re Platform Website and Account Balances With Creditors / Clients

The Re Platform Website was shut down upon the making of the winding up of Re Platform on September 10th 2023 as, by statute, any business of a company shall cease upon the making of a winding up.

As a result, you are currently unable to access your account through the Re Platform Website.

We appreciate that you are unable to access your account and the Liquidators are ascertaining the feasibility and considering the appropriate means to provide the Creditors with details of their respective account balance with Re Platform based on the information available to the Liquidators. The Liquidators will provide an update in this regard as soon as practicable.

Claim against Re Platform Ltd.

Pursuant to the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines law, any potential Creditors who wish to file a claim against Re Platform must submit to the Liquidators a proof of their debt in the prescribed form (“POD”).

Any Creditors who do not submit a POD (and supporting documents) to the satisfaction of the Liquidators may be excluded from the benefit of any distribution of assets and/or funds in the future.

Accordingly, the first thing you, as a potential Creditor of Re Platform, should do at this stage of Re Platform’s liquidation is to complete and return a POD (with documents supporting your claim) to the Liquidators before November 30th.

For the avoidance of any doubt, the Liquidators are required to consider all the information and documents available in order to identify the appropriate means to distribute any assets and/or funds to the relevant Creditors and this will be undertaken in accordance with the contractual terms between Re Platform and the Creditors and the relevant law and regulations.

The Liquidators will start adjudicating the Creditors’ claims against Re Platform at the later stage of the liquidation after the Liquidators have secured all necessary data and records of Re Platform to establish Re Platform’s liabilities due to the Creditors.

The Liquidators will notify the Creditors when they intend to distribute any assets and/or funds to the Creditors.

Submission of Proof of Debt

It is therefore important that you submit a POD to the Liquidators before November 30th .

The Liquidators recommend that any Creditor (who has not yet submitted a POD to the Liquidators) file a POD with his best estimate of the amount due to him by Re Platform (with all supporting documents that he may have) before November 30th by email to

If you are unable to estimate the amount of your claim, please insert “to be confirmed” on the POD and state the reason why you are unable to do so.

We will contact you directly (at later stage of the liquidation) if they require any further information and documentation from you in respect your claim against Re Platform.

We will provide further updates to the Creditors as and when appropriate.

Should you have any queries or require any further information, please contact this office at


Joint and Several Liquidators
Re Platform Ltd
St Vincent and the Grenadines under Licence number 24762 IBC 2018